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Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside of the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program
The Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TA Set-Aside) provides funding for programs and projects defined as transportation alternatives, including on- and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities, infrastructure projects for improving non-driver access to public transportation and enhanced mobility, community improvement activities, environmental mitigation, recreational trail program projects, and safe routes to school projects.
2018 TA Set-Aside Statewide Application Round Now Open
Applications accepted now until September 22nd at 4:00 PM.
The PowerPoint presentation and Q&A from the July 13th Webinar for Project Sponsors have been posted under “Set-Aside Documents”.
Core Resources Now Available
PennDOT 2018 TA Set-Aside Program Guidance - This document provides important information on TA Set-Aside funds and the 2018 application round. As such, project sponsors must review this document before applying.
TA Set-Aside Application - This electronic application must be completed and submitted; submission of the Sample Application PDF document will not be considered a valid application. Projects proposed in Large MPO areas will automatically be eligible for both Large MPO and statewide funding (see the Program Guidance for more information). Click “Create a new TA Set-Aside Application” after registering for SharePoint.
Project Eligibility Determinations - Sponsors uncertain as to whether their project would qualify for TA Set-Aside funds may submit a pre-application eligibility request; however, submitting an eligibility form is not required to submit a TA Set-Aside application. Click “Create a new TA Set-Aside Eligibility Determination” after registering for SharePoint to start a new eligibility determination. Eligibility Determinations must be submitted no later than August 25th.
Project Sponsor Meeting Requirements
Sponsors must meet with their PennDOT District and Planning Partner (MPO/RPO) to discuss their proposed project. Contact details are available in the Program Guidance and in the “2018 PennDOT District TA Set-Aside Coordinators” and “2018 Planning Partner TA Set-Aside Coordinators” documents, which are both are available under the “Set-Aside Documents” section of this page. More information on the meeting requirements can be found in the Program Guidance.
SharePoint Application Process
If you do not have a SharePoint account, you must use the Register a New User link on the left side of this page to sign up. SharePoint accounts are required for users that wish to create, view, edit or submit a TA Set-Aside application.
As you begin to work through the application process, please be sure to review the Troubleshooting Tips, which discusses commonly-encountered questions during your initial login to SharePoint.
This website and application are best viewed in Internet Explorer or Edge. If you’re using Google Chrome, please see the Using Chrome link on the left side of this page for instructions on downloading a recommended add-on that will make Chrome compatible with the application process.
Central Office Contact Information:
Chris Metka | Transportation Alternatives Coordinator
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Center for Program Development and Management
400 North Street, 6th Floor | Harrisburg PA 17120
Phone:  717.787.8065 | Fax:  717.787.5247

 Project Eligibility

While all projects will be reviewed for eligibility once submitted, sponsors wishing to have eligibility determined before submitting an application may submit a pre-application Eligibility Request using the link below.
Project sponsors may submit eligibility determination requests from June 19 through August 25, 2017. To start an eligibility determination, the sponsor must first be registered Register a New User. Once registered, the project sponsor may start a new request by clicking on the 'Create a new TA Set-Aside Eligibility Determination' link below.
Once the sponsor fills out the form and selects “Submit Determination”, the form flows to the corresponding Planning Partner for comments. Once the Planning Partner provides comments and submits, the form flows to the District for additional input before being delivered to Central Office.
Please note: The pre-application eligibility form is only for projects where eligibility is in question. Projects that conform to the project types listed in Appendix A of the Program Guidance do not require pre-application review. Submitting an eligibility form is not required to submit a TA Set-Aside application.
Create a new TA Set-Aside Eligibility Determination

 TA Set-Aside Application(s)

Click the link below 'Create a new TA Set-Aside Application' to add a NEW application. If you need to make changes to a previously entered application locate the item in the list below and 'click' the 'edit' icon on the left.
Create a new TA Set-Aside Application


8/18/2017 1:08 PM
8/4/2017 1:36 PM
7/28/2017 1:43 PM
7/18/2017 8:30 AM

 Set-Aside Documents

2018 PennDOT District TA Set-Aside Coordinators.docx
6/22/2017 10:32 AM
2018 Planning Partner TA Set-Aside Coordinators.docx
6/22/2017 10:37 AM
PennDOT 2018 TA Set-Aside Statewide Program Guidance - August 4 2017.pdf
8/4/2017 1:33 PM
PUB 740 - Local Project Delivery Manual.pdf
3/23/2017 8:40 AM
Q and A from Webinar for Sponsors - July 13 2017.docx
7/18/2017 8:49 AM
TA Set-Aside 2018 Sample Application.pdf
6/21/2017 3:29 PM
TA Set-Aside Webinar  For Sponsors - July 13 2017.pptx
7/13/2017 2:55 PM

 Large MPO Application Materials

expand Planning Partner : HATS MPO ‎(2)
expand Planning Partner : Lehigh Valley MPO ‎(1)
expand Planning Partner : SPC MPO ‎(2)
expand Planning Partner : York MPO ‎(1)