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Capital Assistance Grants - 5310 Application

Section 5310 of the Federal Transit Act, as amended, authorizes the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to make capital assistance grants to private non-profit organizations or to governmental authorities approved by the State to coordinate services for seniors and individuals with disabilities; or certifies that there are no nonprofit organizations readily available in the area to provide services to seniors or individuals with disabilities.

Section 5310 funds are for the purchase of accessible vehicles and communication equipment to provide transportation to seniors and individuals with disabilities. These funds are available on an 80% Federal, 20% local matching basis.

This is a competitive grant program. Applications are scored based on project need and justification, positive mobility improvements, local and regional coordination, technical and maintenance capability to provide transportation, organizational, financial, and grant administration capability and demonstration that matching funds are secured and committed.

The 2019 application cycle is now closed.   Thank you to all who participated.

John Levitsky | Manager – Urban Capital Division

PA Department of Transportation  |  Bureau of Public Transportation
400 North Street, 6th Floor  |  Harrisburg, PA 17120
P. O. Box 3151  Harrisburg, PA  17105-3151
Phone717.787.1206  |  Fax:  717.525-5777


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